The ancient order of the magi also was re-established in the 20th century to bring peace to mankind with help of high master teachers overshadowing students who want to help themselves and manifest healing of others.

Now is your chance to learn from the Masters with our compilation of 27 lessons by Dorothea M. Ramsey

Everyone can have the kind of life that God intended for them to experience and everyone can fulfill his or her needs and banish the old misunderstandings of the life hereafter. Our astral masters and teachers brought us to an understanding of many intangible things and thereby uncovered our good, gave us a new adventure and solved many nagging problems.

It Changed Our Lives it Can Change Yours!

The channels - Rose and Lily

The purpose of our lessons from the soul group of the Magi is to provide information, guide self-development and acquaint the reader with facts regarding life hereafter. Much of this information has been unavailable even from the few foundations presently operating in this field. However true wisdom is always the same no matter where encountered, thus some of our lesson contents will be familiar to the spiritual seeker - while some will be startling.

This is a pioneer effort in that the material contained within it actually transport the reader and student into the astral elements for face-to-face contacts with higher teachers and friends. by relating our experiences to you. You become a part of them. The people met in the astral environment become your friends, their wisdoms - if you choose to make them so - can become your values and make your present life more prosperous in all areas. The lesson contents are not speculation but hard facts. Many of our first private students who have followed the suggestions contained in these lessons have reaped deep personal rewards. At the same time every conceivable effort has been made to present all of the details of life beyond earth as we first saw it - in all its beauty and wonder. The original contacts caused us to re-appraise our lives and re-educate our mental habits in order to gain a more efficient understanding.