Lesson Descriptions

Soul Group Lesson One

We are introduced to our high master teachers and meet our cosmic friends up at the castle.

Soul Group Lesson Two

Great Secrets are revealed regarding success energy and prosperity.

Soul Group Lesson Three

Thru dreams and intuition we can navigate our life divine success.

Book Descriptions

Man Know Thyself

Filled with fun ways to discover hidden wrong motives, and free the self to accept your good.

Be Thy Real Self

Describes personality, soul and mind learn these wonders of self.

The Frederick Series

Interesting lessons on how entities uncover and overcome evil problems. Takes place in a prison section of sentient soul area.

The Timotheus Papers

Twenty chapters, Rose received while in her seven year training period. These and many more are wisdoms in books now hidden on earth to come forth in due time.

Messages from the Masters

Tells how to set up a 'Money & Prosperity' program which works. Reveals how God gives when we obey his Laws of Life.

The Sound of Inner Music

Unveils insight into the future. Reveals explanation on Jewel Chakras, Colors, Body Information on Mind, Spirit, & Soul.

Echoes from the Astral

Rose's notes of private trips into the astral and talks with Masters. What happens after death. Traces the rhythms of cause and effect.

Cosmic Consciousness and Meditation

Describes Meditation and what it will do for you. This excellent book teaches how to "Transcend Thyself."

The Far Whispered Teachings

The Ancient Mystics left man records of their inner contacts with God. Learn about Man's promised great inheritance and how you can claim it.

The Light Beyond the Stars

How to achieve the Mystic State, step by step. Cosmic Consciousness is rightfully everyone's to possess.

Heliocentric Astrology

Volume One - Tells you what your present "Soul State" is and how it can help you in your daily affairs. You will learn the original Magi Heliocentric Astrological secrets.

Volume Two - Deals with the soul and the Cosmic Heliocentric signs and houses.

Volume Three -You will find how the planets, in aspect to their other planets influence you in your daily life.